Jewellery Care

We all know that jewellery needs to be handle with care, so we decided to write few things to remind you, so you know exactly how:

You should always remove jewellery before:
Bathing, showering, applying creams, spraying perfume directly, swimming in a sea and chlorinated water.

You should store your jewelery in pouch bag given by Vaida Pink Ruby or in air tight, dark, cool place, as silver elements in jewelery may tarnish due to oxidation .

You should keep all your jewelery away from direct sun light especially some gemstones as the color may change or fade.

Cleaning your jewellery with soft ,non abrasive and lint free cloth is quiet effective to keep your jewellery shiny and lustrous.

Gemstones - since many of them are quiet delicate, hot water, harsh chemicals and dip cleaners should be avoided at all times. Clean most of precious stone jewellery with clean, soft, damp or dry soft cloth after wearing.You should avoid using paper towels and tissues papers as they can cause scratching.